Niemantsverdriet 2000
Family Newsletter

Vol. II Number 1
October 1999

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Niemantsverdriet 2000

    Announcing the Fourth Ever and New Millennium
    Niemantsverdriet Reunion in America!!!!
    Yes, it's once again time to begin planning for the         [ There are over 100 pictures
    New Millennium Niemantsverdriet Reunion.  Just              in the printed newletter. ]
    today, the dates have been set - so pull out your
    calendars and pens and mark -
    June 16, 17, and 18.
    Once again we will meet on the beautiful Central
    College campus in Pella, Iowa
    Mike Ohm, incumbent reunion organizer, is
    planning lots of family fun, and excitement.  Plan
    now and attend then.  Mike has written a full
    announcement and solicits your input on page two.
    (OK, he wrote this some time ago, before the
    dates were set yesterday, and someone
    procrastinated in sending out the newsletter, so
    keep that in mind as you read his message.)
    Yes, we have no bananas letters .. I'm sure that lots of things have happened since your mailbox was last plagued by one of these missives. But, I don't know what most of them are! So, your assignment, should you wish to accept it, is to send letters, jokes, poetry, stories, recipes, family updates, anything at all that you'd like to share with every Niemantsverdriet or Niemantsverdriet-wanna-be that we can find. Think how much more interesting this would be with your picture and story right here instead of this. Check out the possible Niemantsverdriet trip to Holland on page 8. Wouldn't it be great if we all could go!
    And now, a message from Mike: The 4th Ever Niemantsverdriet Family Reunion in America or The First Ever Niemantsverdriet Family Reunion Of the New Millennium Plans are under way for the Year 2000 Niemantsverdriet Family Reunion. Exact dates have yet to be determined, (ed. OK, this is where the procrastination comes in. The dates are now determined and are June 16, 17, and 18, 2000!!! - cnb) , but it's not too early to begin planning to attend! A friend of our family was telling about her family reunion in South Dakota last summer and how they had used a Christmas theme for the reunion. She said the Christmas theme had been very popular with those attending, so I thought it may be fun for us to try the Christmas theme next year. Therefore, the "Fourth Ever Niemantsverdriet Family Reunion in America" will also be known as: A Niemantsverdriet Family Christmas in June Some of the activities being planned for the reunion include: ? Christmas Games - An evening of Christmas oriented games for the relatives to participate in. ? Gift Exchange -- For those interested in participating, a gift exchange of a Christmas Ornament or Decoration ($20 maximum value). So, as you do your Christmas shopping this year, be on the lookout for that Perfect Gift that your relative will just love! ? Craft Class -- Make a Christmas tree ornament reflective of our Dutch Heritage! Let me know if you have any other ideas for reunion activities!
    We mourn the passing of family members: Cor Zandstra passed away in Holland. Cor and Jo were with us in Pella at last year's reunion. Nelly Niemantsverdriet Joffers of Ontario, Canada. The following message was sent by her daughter, Glenda: On Sunday, Oct. 25/98, the Lord in His wisdom, called home my wife, our mom and oma, Neeltje (Nelly) Joffers. She is survived by her husband, Pieter, daughters Clara and husband Harry Prenger, grandchildren Daniel, Kenneth, Robert, Katie, Nicole, Hendrik John; Aly and husband John Miedema, grandchildren Michael, David, Matthew, Alyssa, Andrew; Kathleen Joffers; Glenda and husband John Dykstra, grandchildren Janine, Corey, Mitchell, Charmaine. The funeral service took place on Thurs., Oct. 29/98 at the First Christian Reformed Church of Thunder Bay. Esther Eerkes Gauer, of San Antonio, Texas, passed away on June 7, 1999. They live in our hearts and memories forever, and we will miss them always.
    We welcome to the family by marriage: Kimberly Karol Niemants and Christopher John Guyer were married on October 10, 1998. That means they have just celebrated their first anniversary! Congratulations!! Kim is a graphic designer working in Omaha at Dotzler Creative Arts. She has worked there for about 4 1/2 years. Chris is a manager at a Dairy Queen in Omaha, hoping to go back to school this fall. They purchased their first home in April. Mr. And Mrs Joseph Niemantsverdriet Joe Niemantsverdriet and Jessica Ross were married on June 26, 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio. Both Joe and Jessica are teachers at Medina High School near Cleveland. Joe is the son of John and Sharon Niemantsverdriet,
    Babies, we have babies. Hallie Kay Niemantsverdriet weighed in at 11.0 pounds, 22 inches tall at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, November 17, 1998. Hallie is the daughter of Ron and Amy Niemantsverdriet, grand-daughter of John and Sharon Niemantsverdriet, and great- grand-daughter of Walter and Amanda Niemantsverdriet. Mia Niemantsverdriet was born to Mark and Michelle Niemantsverdriet on March 31, 1999 in Lodi, CA. Mia is the grand-daughter of Bill and Lorna Niemantsverdriet. I actually received this information from Michelle's father, Ron Pyle, who also wrote: "I would like you to know that Mark is one of the finest gentlemen that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His Dad is soft spoken and nice, but Mark is even more so in my opinion." What a nice man he is too!
    Dance like no one is watching ..... Love like you will never be hurt ..... Sing like no one is listening ..... Live like it's heaven on earth .....
    Found Family Members - and they didn't even know they were lost! Since the last reunion, I have found - or have been found by - two more of our Hollander relatives through the wonders of the internet. Cor Niemantsverdriet, does graphic design and has a very impressive web page. I have to read it slowly, with a Dutch-English dictionary in hand, however. He lives in Brunssum. These pictures are from Cor's web page.
      His full name is Cornelis Hendrik Jan Catharina Niemantsverdriet and his description on his web page is: mijnwerker, elektromonteur, zeefdrukker, reprograaf, magazijnbeheerder geboren te Bergen op Zoom op zondag 12 mei 1946, zoon van Leendert Nee Niemantsverdriet en Johanna Cornelia Lint. Hij is getrouwd te Schinveld op vrijdag 9 mei 1969, op 22-jarige leeftijd met Petronella Maria Johanna Theunissen (19 jaar oud), geboren te Schinveld op zondag 5 februari 1950, dochter van Karel Johannes Theunissen en Anna Theresia Oosterbosch. Cor Niemantsverdriet and wife Nellie -- Petronella Maria Johanna Theunissen Niemantsverdriet The last part I think tells you that he was born May 12, 1946, the son of Leendert Niemantsverdriet and Johanna Cornelia Lint. He was married on May 9, 1969 to Petronella Maria Johanna Theunissen whose birthdate is February 5, 1950. They have one daughter, Manuela Theresia Johanna Niemantsverdriet, born on January 30, 1973. She married Jeroen Arkesteyn on July 22, 1998. Cor's daughter, Manuela Theresia Johanna Niemantsverdriet Cor doesn't speak or write English. I don't speak or write Dutch. So, our correspondence is not extensive. However, with the help of my trusty little dictionary and a friend-of-a-friend who speaks Dutch, we have managed a few messages. Cor's parents Leendert and Johanna Niemantsverdriet
    Another new cousin -- Robert (Rob) van de Ven Renardel de Lavalette, 38 yrs. old, is married, with two daughters (Yvette, 5, and and Denise, 2 yrs. old) and his most favourite hobby is ....genealogy ! (Great! Mine too!) He lives in the city of Helmond. He found me and wrote:
      "I've done much research, but almost never about my ancestors with the name 'Niemansverdriet'. All that I have found is the following :I descend from a certain 'Dirk Lodewijk Niemansverdriet' who died at Batavia (Dutch East Indies) in 15-8-1853. He was married with Hermina Elisabeth van der Geugten. He had a daughter named Geertruida Hermina Niemansverdriet, who married Rudolphus Adrianus Salomonsz. They married in Batavia in 1848. Robert (Rob) van de Ven Renardel de Lavalette and two daughters, Yvette (5) and Denise (2), taken last year at a castle in southern France, Dordogne!! Rob's Niemantsverdriet ancestors spent many years in Indonesia - an area of the world much in the news today. In April he wrote: "Yesterday my parents visited me, to show an article that I had written in a Dutch-Indonesian magazine, named Moesson, edition April 1999. In this article (3 pages) I give a description of the old cemetery 'Peneleh' in Indonesia, Surabaya, built in 1847, that is being almost demolished nowadays. It is shocking to walk around there, but also beautiful in it's unique kind. I visited this in March 1998, and I thought I had to share my feelings with so many others, whose ancestors are buried there (over 10.000 people are buried there). I'm still not sure, but I think that G.H. Niemansverdriet was also buried there. I hope I will receive many reactions from people who read this article. "I was born in a small village, called Gemert, Sept. 30th 1960. My father's name : Robert Willem van de Ven, born Surabaya, Dutch East-Indies, 1932. He worked until his retirement in 1987, with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. My mother, a nurse, Geertruida Martina Meijer, born Surabaya 1933. They both came to Holland approximately 1953, because Indonesia had become independent at the end of 1949. I have a brother, Peter, born 26-1-1963 and a sister, Sonja, born 2- 11-1966. "In 1987 I married Bonita Otten, born 19-10-1963 in The Hague. She's a secretary at Philips (you must have heard of that company?!), I work for Origin, where I do programming. I am detached at an insurance-company in the city of Eindhoven since 1997. We have 2 daughters :Yvette, born 17-12-1993 and Denise, born 14-5-1996. "I started doing investigations for my family-tree in 1978. In 1989 I discovered (after visiting Indonesia) that at the beginning of this century, my great-grandfather (born with the name 'Van de Ven') had tried to have his name changed from 'Van de Ven' into 'Van de Ven Renardel de Lavalette'. It took quite some investigations in the old archives at The Hague, but at the end we found out that he really got his name changed in 1912, but that he never had it registered because he lived deep inside the bush at Java, Indonesia, and he was missed in 1947. It was simply forgotten by his children, until I found out, 80 yrs. later, that this all had happened. So, July 25th 1990 my name was officially changed at the city-hall of Gemert (where I was born). At that moment I was the only living person with that name. Later my brother and sister followed. "Genealogy is my greatest hobby. Why ? I think it is because I wanted as a teenager to know where I came from, what connected me with the past, from 'the beginning of time'." "Here is a scan of the original document I received in 1978 from my grandfather. It was the first time I saw the name 'Niemansverdriet'. (E.E. Meijer is my grandfather, who died Nov. 1997)"

    Addresses - new and changes: Mr. And Mrs. Scott Beernink 1898 3rd Avenue S.E. Sioux Center, Iowa 51250-1124 Tel: 712-722-2564 Kim and Chris Guyer 5612 North Oaks Blvd Omaha, NE 68134 e-mail: ckguyer@worldnet.att dot net Michael and Jessica Harris 1515 Crawford Street Kalamazoo, MI 49006-4414 Tel: 616-383-9126 e-mail: lunaloo@hotmail dot com Marion Niemants 301 Avenida Mirados Santa Theresa, New Mexico 88008 Tel: 505-589-5868 Cor and Nellie Niemantsverdriet Florence Nightingalestraat 69 6441 HT Brunssum The Netherlands Tel.: +31455253932 Fax.:+31208823012 e-mail: verdriet@brunssum dot net Jeff Niemantsverdriet 3225 Oxwell Drive Duluth, GA 30096 Tel: 404-790-3416 e-mail: niemantsverdriet.5@juno dot com Mrs. Al Slavik and Marilyn 15116 S. Seminola Drive Olathe, Kansas 66062-3004 Jim and Maxine Todd 7217 Kathleen N.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110 Tel: 505-883-9084 Rob and Bonita van de Ven Renardel de Lavalette Rupelstraat 56 5704 AX HELMOND The Netherlands e-mail: rob.vandeven@nl.origin-it dot com
    New e-mail addresses: Stephanie Branch Stbranch@ttacs.ttu dot edu Walter and Amanda Niemantsverdriet Aenieman@juno dot com Bud and Jerri Niemantsverdriet Jerri38@juno dot com If you, too, have an e-mail address to share, send it to me at - carolyn @ manorweb dot com.
    Another Dutch clan: THE VAN GOGH FAMILY Everyone has heard of Vincent Van Gogh, but how many have ever heard of some of his lesser-known relatives? His obnoxious brother: Please Gogh His dizzy aunt: Verti Gogh The brother who ate prunes: Gotta Gogh The constipated uncle: Can't Gogh The brother at a convenience store: Stop`n Gogh The grandfather from Yugoslavia: U Gogh The cousin from Illinois: Chica Gogh His magician uncle: Where diddy Gogh His Italian uncle: Day Gogh His Mexican cousin: Amee Gogh The Mexican cousin's American half brother: Grin Gogh The nephew who drove a stage coach: Wellsfar Gogh The ballroom dancing aunt: Tan Gogh A sister who loved disco: Go Gogh The bird lover uncle: Flamin Gogh His nephew psychoanalyst: E Gogh The fruit loving cousin: Man Gogh An aunt who taught positive thinking: Wayto Gogh The little bouncy nephew:Poe Gogh And his niece with an RV: Winnie Bay Gogh
    Happy 90th birthday to Hermine Stemsland on October 19!!!
    And Mike gets the last word: NIEMANTSVERDRIET FAMILY TOUR TO THE NETHERLANDS!!! Several of you have expressed interest in going on a trip to the Netherlands. I've talked to a couple of tour companies and, if we have enough people interested, it will be possible to put together a private tour for Niemantsverdriet relatives! (WHAT FUN!) I would be willing to coordinate the planning of our tour, and am leaning towards planning it for the year 2001. (Planning this tour AND the Year 2000 Niemantsverdriet reunion for the same year is more than I think I can handle!) For those of you that would be interested in going on a NIEMANTSVERDRIET FAMILY TOUR TO HOLLAND, please fill out the following survey and return it to me. Doing so in no way obligates you to going, but I hope to be able to get a preliminary feel for how many of you have an interest in going and if, in fact, we have enough interest to make it feasible. NAME ______________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER__(_________)_________________________________________________ _________ YES - I'm interested in going on a family trip to Holland _________ NO -- I'm not interested in going on a family trip to Holland If YES, how many in your party? _______________________ Would you prefer to go in 2000 or 2001? _________________ Which time of year would you prefer? (Check one or list 1st and 2nd preference) April/May (Tulip Time) ____________________ June/July/August ____________________ September/October ____________________ Are there any special sights that you would definitely want to visit? __________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Please return this survey to: Mike Ohm 1915 S. 39th Street #63 Mesa, Arizona 85206 Phone: (480) 926-1540 -- Please note that the new area code is 480!

    I hope to see you in June !
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