Maarten Timmer and Peneleh Cemetery

From : "Maarten Timmer"     
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Subject : Peneleh   
Date : Tue, 04 Feb 2003 05:34:03 +0000 

But where is the description of the cemetery Peneleh in Surabaya 
[Dutch East Indies] in the Niemandverdriet website? 

From : "Maarten Timmer"  
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Date : Wed, 05 Feb 2003 04:53:03 +0000  

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Dear Carolyn, 
I found you in the following website:
I am interested in anything on Peneleh because the cemetery has reverted to the city of Surabaya and may dissappear under the bulldozers soon.Last November I made a small video documentary of the cemetery. 
I have several relatives who were buried there. 
I have a complete list of all graves still known so if you have specific names I can oblige. 

To : CarolynBauer   
Subject : Niemantsverdriet    
Date : Fri, 07 Feb 2003 05:39:44 +0000  

Dear Carolyn,
I found the following Niemansverdriet entries in my library:

De Indische Navorscher 1989, p131:
Artikel: Europese inwoners van West-Java in 1813:
Name: Niemandsverdriet, Clement
Born: Oud Beijerland
Arrival in the Indies: 6 aug. 1789
Resides at: Voorburgsgracht te Batavia
Occupation: in the Company printworks
Date: Batavia, 17 nov. 1813

De Indische Navorscher 2000, p8:
Geertruida Hermina Niemansverdriet, born Batavia 1826, died Batavia 14
sep.  1865; married Batavia  2 dec. 1848 Rudolphus Adrianus Salomonsz.,
born Batavia 1826, [buried Soerabaja (Peneleh E 4583)].
The grave of  Rudolphus Adrianus Salomonsz., who died 8 apr. 1881, is
still intact at Peneleh.

I will sort out a few pictures of Peneleh shortly.
No problem using stuff for your website.
See my website:


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Now see the pics!


From :    "Maarten Timmer"
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Subject :  Niemantsverdriet   
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subject: Niemantsverdriet

Dear Carolyn,
Found another Niemansverdriet entry in my library:

Bronnenpublikatie van de Indische Genealogische Vereniging, vol. 5:
Grafschriften van Europeanen in Nederlandsch-Indie after the original of
P.C. Bloys van Treslong Prins (1934-1939):
Cemetery Laanhof, Batavia (which no longer exists):
Hier rust/J. Niemantsverdriet/geb. te Rott. 7-8-1856/overl. te
Welt(evreden) 2-1-1928.

I attach a few pictures of Peneleh:
gate.jpg = the entrance gate in about 1925
view1.jpg = some of the oldest graves dating from 1850
view2.jpg = a general view

A little about Peneleh:
The old cemetery in the old town of Surabaya was already way past its
capacity in the 1830s but it wasnt until late 1847 that a new cemetery
was opened for business in the kampong Peneleh about 4.5 km. outside the
Here were buried protestants, Catholics, Jews as well as Christian
natives and Chinese.
In 1916 Peneleh also started to suffer from overcrowding and the last
grave, the 10,141st  was dug that year. People were still being buried
there in existing graves since then, the lat one in 1963.
In the year 2000 the cemetery reverted to the City of Surabaya. It is
now in the heart of town and a very valuable piece of real estate and it
will not be long before the cemetery will be flattened for the area to
be developed.